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Lyallpur Debating Trinity-III

Event in Faisalabad

University of Agriculture Faisalabad - Official


Organized by : The Debating Club, UAF.

The Debating Club, UAF consists of three corners being Declamations and Public Speaking, Parliamentary Debates and Model United Nations. The Society intends to train the students of UAF and to maintain the legacy of the Oratory by UAF in the respective circuits with the forged orators in this fer...

Activities Faisalabad / Description

The Evolution of UAF’s Debating Body has Resulted in a Magnificent Trinity, Lyallpur Debating Trinity. The Trio Is The Amalgamation Of Three Forms Of Debate; The Declamations, Parliamentary Style, and the Model United Nations. Lyallpur Debating Trinity is the Manifestation of The Debating Club, UAF’s Aim to Promote Different Styles of Debate and Harvest Raw Talents in Order to Polish Them for Their Future Debating Experience. Not Only is it... Read more

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