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Primal Fight Camp Thailand 2019

Event in Phuket

Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand


Organized by : Primal MMA Academy

Primal MMA is an offshoot of Primal Movement and provides MMA and BJJ training and strength conditioning for MMA.

We offer instruction in the disciplines of BJJ, kickboxing, Russian Sambo, traditional boxing, wrestling and submission grappling.

Activities Phuket / Description

This is going to be the trip of your life. Training every day, and then relaxing in the beautiful paradise of Phuket, Thailand. Good food, good friends and training with top martial artists from around the world.

Tiger Muay Thai is the biggest fight gym in the world and boasts multiple classes a day in all disciplines of fighting. From Brazilian Jiu JItsu, to MMA, to K-1 Kickboxing, Western Boxing and of course Muay Thai.

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