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Forrest Yoga with Hilke : a holistic system

Event in Santa Justa

Calçada de Santana 177,Lisbon


Organized by : Pessoa e Companhia - Associação Cultural

Horários de funcionamento:

3ª, 4ª, 5ª, 14h-21h /

6ª e sáb, 14h-24h /

dom. 14h-20h /

Encerra à 2ª feira

Activities Santa Justa / Description

Enjoy the unique FORREST Yoga class in Lisbon with Hilke!

Forrest Yoga, named after its founder Ana Forrest, is rooted in Hatha yoga and has been adapted for modern Western bodies. It helps heal neck stiffness, back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome-common computer-related problems associated with our modern lifestyles - to just name a few.

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