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Fantastic Tales

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Impro Studio


Organized by : Impro Studio

Impro Studio was created by Impro Theatre to establish a space where Impro Theatre students could workout on stage to an audience. Since 1988, Impro Theatre has brought innovative unscripted theatre to Los Angeles and the world. Impro students study with the members of the Impro Theatre Main Comp...

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Impro Studio Presents

"Fantastic Tales"

Improvised Science Fiction of the 1900s

Sundays in September at 7:30PM

Impro Studio

1727 N Vermont Ave #208,

Los Angeles, CA 90027

Step with us into the time machine and take a narrative journey into the past as we look towards the future. Inspired by the short stories of H.G. Wells we find ourselves walking the line between medicine and magic, science fictio... Read more

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