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Sweeten Up Your Self-Talk Using Energy Self-Care As A Dialogue

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Organized by : Albany Peace Project

The Albany Peace Project is an online community of meditators who focus their meditation intentional efforts to help eliminate suffering in the Greater Albany, NY area. To date, 20 out of 24 intentional studies have been performed elsewhere demonstrating when large groups of people focus their p...

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Responding Kindly to your “Me-Mail”: Energy Self-Care as a Dialogue with Your Mind-Body-Spirit

How much of your self-talk is negative? People refer to their “bum knee,” their “bad ear,” their “problem skin,” etc. By the time we are adults, many of us have certain body parts we are unhappy about, or even dislike intensely. Conversely, how much do we listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us? We typically block out numerous signal... Read more

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