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The Human Surge - Locarno in Los Angeles (Director in person!)

Event in Los Angeles

The Downtown Independent


Organized by : Acropolis Cinema

Founded by Jordan Cronk, Acropolis Cinema's vision for the curation and presentation of cinema is one of autonomous means and artistic liberty, facilitating the proliferation of under-represented film-art throughout the city. Our initial identity as a migranting organization will, we hope, embold...

Activities Los Angeles / Description

Buenos Aires. Exe, 25 years old, has just lost his job and is not looking for another one. His neighbors and friends seem as odd to him as they always do. Online, he meets Alf, a boy from Mozambique who is also bored with his job and who is about to follow Archie, another boy who has run away into the jungle. Through the dense vegetation of the forest, Archie tracks ants back to their nest. One of them wanders off course and comes across Ca... Read more

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