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Location: Katzen Kultur Club, 2200 Effie Street, Echo Park, CA

Katzen Kultur Club, 2200 Effie Street, Echo Park, CA (34.085780, -118.259910)


A SLOW METAL YOGA + COLLECTIVE DREAMWORK EVENT You are invited to participate in Resonance, a night of yoga, breath work, and dream work. Attend the event in person, or participate remotely and dream with us! SLOW METAL YOGA - 8 PM led by Spiros Antonopoulos + Ashley Jean Nelson live drone by DJ Jc Rees Candle light ambience incensed with black metal soundscapes support the self while moving and breathing through inner & outer spaces with the Self and others… in the dark. tea: 10 pm ONEIRONAUTICUM : 10:30 PM (COLLECTIVE BREATHING AND DREAMING) led by Jennifer Dumpert TALK : 10:30 PM : Understand circadian cycles and sleeping brainwave patterns, discover your personal dream rhythms. nesting : 11 pm BREATHE + TONE : 11:30 PM : Explore and generate energy fluctuations, inhale, exhale, pulsating sound from the depths of your being. DREAM : MIDNIGHT : Join each other in one of the most common human experiences as sleep to Robert Rich’s seven-hour composition Somnium, a psychoactive soundscape arranged to match up with the phases of sleep and promote vivid dreaming. wakey, wakey, chai + breaky : 8:30 am DREAM SHARING CIRCLE : 9 AM disassemble nests/departure : 11 am *In addition to the group of people who spend the night in the space, people from around the world will participate remotely. NOTE: WE PLAN TO PROVIDE A LIGHT BREAKFAST AND CHAI IN THE MORNING, AS WELL AS A LIGHT VEGETARIAN DISH AFTER YOGA. BUT YOU MIGHT WANNA BRINGS SNACKS TOO! Yoga Only: $25 Oneironauticum Only: $45 Package Discount—Both Yoga and Oneironauticm: $60 Reserve your space in space, limited capacity. *Work Scholarships Available Remote participation is free for more information, visit :