Avila Beach Bird Sanctuary & Wildlife Day

Organized By Visit Avila Beach

Location: Visit Avila Beach

404 Front St,Avila Beach (35.179100, -120.733800)


Avila’s free “Bird Sanctuary & Wildlife Day” is during Coastal Discovery & Stewardship and is led by the Sanctuary’s founder and avid birder, Shirley Goetz. The event is February 18th at 10am near the beach at the Avila Beach Community Center at 191 San Miguel Street. Enjoy a bit of Sanctuary history and a regional birding overview, along with a live Pacific Wildlife Care bird exhibit and helpful information about plastic waste and its alarming impact on our birdlife, as well as hear from Chairman of yak tityu tityu (the Northern Chumash Tribe) Mona Olivas-Tucker. Finishing up the day, you will have the opportunity to have some fun on the beach with a Stewardship Clean Up Kit. Some of the resident bird populations that visitors are likely to see include Great Blue Herons, California Gulls, Snowy and Common Egrets. The migratory bird sightings may include Brant Geese, Loons (Common, Red-throated and Pacific), Grebes (Western, Earted, Horned & Clarks), Surf Scoters, Common Murres, Northern Shovelers, and more. Representatives of the award winning non-profit organization, Pacific Wildlife Care, will be on hand to introduce the audience to live, rescued birds such as a Western Screech Owl and a Red-tailed Hawk and share the bird’s personal stories and natural history. Pacific Wildlife Care and its volunteers treated an astounding 2,923 wild animals in 2015. PWC rescues, rehabilitates, and releases injured or orphaned wildlife successfully throughout San Luis Obispo County each year. Contribution opportunities will be available for Stewardship Travelers. Participants are encouraged to pick up an Avila Beach Stewardship Clean Up Kit at the event and walk along the beach or nearby Bob Jones Bike & Hiking Trail for a bit of personal birding and some friendly Bird Sanctuary stewardship for bird protection. All visitors to Avila Beach’s Bird Sanctuary are appreciated! Speakers for 2017 include: Shirley Goetz , ABBS founder – Welcome attendees and announce guest Dani Nicholson, Willow Tree Wildlife – Bringing “Morro” the Brown Pelican Tera Galanty, Pacific Wildlife Care – Bringing “Pip” an American Kestrel Hawk Melinda Alvarado, Pacific Wildlife Care – Bringing a surprise guest Virginia Flaherty, Pacific Wildlife Care – Bird Walk leader