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Avila Beach Bird Sanctuary & Wildlife Day

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404 Front St,Avila Beach


Organized by : Visit Avila Beach

Welcome to Avila Beach! Avila Beach is on the central coast of California. It is surrounded by gentle, sloping hills, which define the harbor from the landward side. Three piers define the look from the oceanside; two are open to the public. Guests enjoy leisurely strolls out over the water, and ...

Activities Avila Beach / Description

Avila’s free “Bird Sanctuary & Wildlife Day” is during Coastal Discovery & Stewardship and is led by the Sanctuary’s founder and avid birder, Shirley Goetz.

The event is February 18th at 10am near the beach at the Avila Beach Community Center at 191 San Miguel Street. Enjoy a bit of Sanctuary history and a regional birding overview, along with a live Pacific Wildlife Care bird exhibit and helpful information about plastic waste and it... Read more

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