Ireland In Our Eyes

Organized By UrbanKelt Celtic Channel

Location: London Irish Centre

50-52 Camden Square,Camden Town (51.543701, -0.132382)


The Urbankelt Channel are pleased to host this years stunning exhibition at the London Irish Centre. Ireland In Our Eyes is about the world’s perception of the host nation. We have invited the international art community to reflect on their personnel experiences and to interpret some of the deeper traits, customs and traditions of Ireland. A stunning selection of Artists have come forward to give us the honour of showcasing their work at our Exhibition FRANK KIELY | JIM MCKEE | MORGAN DOYLE | PAUL MCCLOSKEY JAMIE TREDWELL | ELLEN MCDERMOTT | JULIA DUNIN | BUNNEY I SARAH SESSIONS |JIM MCKEE | JOE WHITNEY | NOEMI LAKMAIEREMMOT O’MALLEY | SARAH ESPRIT | PHILLIPA EDWARDS | CONOR O'BRIEN |ANNIE HAYES | RONNIE GRAHAM I SEAMUS O'BRYNE to name but a few... The Event will be an evening of Irish Culture, with entertainment of IRISH DANCING, IRISH MUSIC and special guest performance by singer/songwriterJIM MCKEE!