Grin and Baere It: A Fundraiser Supporting The Wayfaring Band!

Organized By The Wayfaring Band

Location: Baere Brewing Company

320 Broadway Suite E,Denver (39.721430, -104.987131)


Come drink for a good cause! 25% of all proceeds from the bar at Baere Brewing Company on Thursday, January 21st will be donated to The Wayfaring Band.* Join your favorite traveling band of gypsies for beverages, games, and vibrant conversation. Bring your checkbook if you'd like to donate more, and become a bonafied Wayfaring groupie! This is a great way to support the band as we kick off our fundraising efforts for 2016. As many people in our community know, we were forced to cancel our recent Costa Rica Tour after a combination of inclement weather and an airline booking error conspired to keep us grounded in Colorado. But we didn't let this disappointing turn of events get the best of the band! We faced the challenge with resilience and grace. With your support, that's how we'll bounce back. Come raise a glass to perseverence! Raise a glass to hope! Raise a glass to friendship! Together, we can grin and Baere it. * 1% of all proceeds for the entire month of January will also be donated to the band, so be sure to visit Baere Brewing Company all month long! ** Nondrinkers welcome: in addition to their fine alcoholic options, Baere features Happy Leaf Kombucha on tap. Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage, and it's delicious! *** Can't make it but still want to participate? Make a donation via our website. *************************** The Wayfaring Band is not a rock-and-roll band, but a band of travelers. We create road trips and other travel and leadership opportunities, serving adults who experience cognitive and developmental disabilities as well as neurotypical leadership fellows. Our mission is to create social experiences for our members to explore, connect, and engage with their communities through the lens of travel and adventure. Our dream is to model our vision of inclusivity everywhere we travel, fundamentally altering the way people experience difference. #EverybodyIn Baere Brewing Company is a delightful and critically-acclaimed local brewery, co-owned by Wayfaring Band executive director Andrea Moore's brother-in-law. Community rocks!