Ausstellung: Duality von Davor Paponja (BH)

Organized By Црна Мамба


AU (48.214359, 16.337139)


The series of drawings titled Dvojina/Duality refers to the Old Slavic language grammatical structure, which whom in our language today we can meet just as archaism and which also alludes to the contemporary position of Christianity that has lost its dominance in the world in which we live. The presence of early Christian iconography reflected in a clear attempt to condense visual languages existing “indigenous” pre-Christian culture and the beginning of constructing its own visual identity of Christianity. Throughout the works Davor actually tries to explore close to him religious past, where the presence of pagan elements constantly, such as duality, runs through rituals and symbols, but not so obvious at first glance. The figures are always shown in pairs, referring to the two sides of the same coin, which at the same time pointing to the duality and unity of Christianity, and the division of each of the "universal" principles. Born in Banja Luka, the entity the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is a graduate in Interior design in 2004 also in Banja Luka. After that, continued with his art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje, Department of Painting. During his studies, in formal schooling, he has used a different materials, in painterly terms, but over time he was using more and more paper. Due to the flexibility of paper, ease of operation, the manner in which this material can suffer permanent changes, tearing and cutting, the author in the last year of schooling entirely left to the collage. Punk culture, "trash" and street art directly influence its work, while religious motifs appear in anti-religious function. Organized by Amalija Stojsavljevic- Crna Mamba