Revolutionary Britain: Art, Power & Politics

Organized By South London Revolutionary Communist Group

Location: Harts Lane Studios

17 Harts Lane, New Cross Gate,London (51.475518, -0.042891)


Friday 16 January 2015 | 6-9pm Opening night | Free entry Saturday 17 January 2015 | 12-6pm Exhibition open all day | Free entry Including a screening of 'Burn' by Migrant Media Cheap drinks, postcards and prints will be available to buy, bring some cash and help us raise money for Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! "A people’s art is the genesis of their freedom" - Claudia Jones At a time of relentless attacks on the working class, state racism, imperialist war, environmental destruction and media manipulation the need for our own collective voice and forms of communication has never been greater. Join us for a night of artwork, discussion and drinks on Friday 16th and a day of film screenings and political discussion on Saturday 17th in an active and inclusive art space housing an archival collection of photography from action on the streets of Britain, film screenings, performance, drawing, sculpture and a library space. 1PM | Burn: running time 30 mins, a film by Migrant Media ‘In August 2011 Britain was on fire - what was the spark that led to the crisis? When Mark Duggan was shot by the police the scene was set for a confrontation but it was not the first time. In this grass-roots documentary we hear why Tottenham burned, show how the flames spread and look at the deep-rooted reasons that have set fires blazing in the last four decades.’ 1.30PM | Two short films on detention and deportation 2PM | Why is Britain a racist state? Open discussion 3PM | Puppet show: The Bloody Dispossession Continues 5.30PM | For who, where and why; what makes art political? Open discussion: Why have we allowed the natural human activity of making and communicating be occupied by the rich?