SLEDI / SPUREN - Vernissage

Organized By Sledi Spuren Austria

Location: Schleifmühlgasse 12-14

Schleifmühlgasse 12-14,Vienna (48.198378, 16.364052)


Künstler_innen Gino Alberti, Svetlana Jakimovska, Gani Llalloshi, Lorena Matic, Goran Medjugorac, Andrew M. Mezvinsky, Katja Oblak & Julij Borštnik, Eva Petrič, Tiberius Stanciu, Anja Šmajdek, Franz Wassermann, Letizia Werth SLEDI/SPUREN is a traveling exhibition. Its way leads along the tracks of the railway from Vienna to Venice, connecting 3 countries and 12 artists, 100 years ago the southern railway, connecting Vienna and Trieste, was one of the most important communication channels in Europe. Artists from Slovenia and Austria deal with this traditional route, with building and destroying identities, with their ancestors and generations to come. You can follow the exhibition and the related art talks and lectures on our webpages and all social networks we are using like tumblr, google+, wix, fb, Twitter i.e. SLEDI/SPUREN is borderless. SLEDI/SPUREN is the biggest and most diverse show this year, it's contemporary, innovative, interdisciplinary, critical and discursive. 6 cities, 3 countries, 12 artists.