"SACRED BLUES DANCE" workshop with Erin Brandt!

Organized By Simon Threlkeld

Location: Elevation Dancenter, southeast corner of Bloor & Dovercourt above the PizzaPizza, 979 Bloor Street West, entrance on Dovercourt, Toronto

Elevation Dancenter, southeast corner of Bloor & Dovercourt above the PizzaPizza, 979 Bloor Street West, entrance on Dovercourt, Toronto (43.720080, -79.377460)


Doors and registration at 6:45pm. Please arrive at 6:45pm to register and change shoes so we can start at 7pm. Workshop 7pm to 9pm. "Sacred Blues Dance" taught by Erin Brandt of San Francisco. This workshop is suitable for people who already do partner dancing, and who are 18 years old or older. After the workshop come to Friday Night Blues featuring the Patrick Tevlin Blues Band downstairs at The 8.0.5 at Dovercourt House! (Blues beginner class at 9:15pm taught by Erin Brandt, Blues Dance Party 10pm to past 1am. Between the workshop and the party catch the beginner class or have supper at one of the many places to eat nearby.) http://www.facebook.com/events/346577108788836/?ref=ts&fref=ts Workshop description and some of Erin's dance and movement bio is below. WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION - This workshop is not about learning new steps. Seriously. Who the heck needs steps? The beauty of partner dancing is to feeeel your own body, connect deeply and playfully with your partner, and let the music move YOU! - We want to offer a way for you to FEEL your lead and your follow differently than you (may) ever have before. In a way that you may not have been conscious of... and that resonates for you. In deep, deep places. Like in your pelvis. In your psyche. And in your heart's deepest desires. - This is an R rated class. That means the theory, energy and vocabulary is of an adult nature. *However, there will be no physical contact outside the norm of a regular blues class.* - We will be exploring the sacred masculine and how he penetrates his follow, with the tenderest strength imaginable. We will experience the sacred feminine as she melts all over her lead, inspiring gentleness, passion, and utter respect. None of this can occur without SAFETY. - ... Think of this class more like a moving (seduction) meditation (worship service)... with a partner. And music. And very clearly defined intention. - Erin will likely lead you through movements of your own choice while talking you through the roles we are playing with. (Yes, she'll give you some move/ment/s if you want some ideas!) - Not for first time dancers. Please "feel comfortable" with partner dancing before signing up. - We will maintain lead/follow balance. If you register with someone of the opposite role that will help us do that. Partners will change/rotate as usual in blues dance workshops. - And... PLAYING with our own inner masculine and feminine energies is AWESOME! So gender role switching is welcome too!!!! ABOUT ERIN - Erin is a Movement Analyst and Massage Therapist. She has taught Blues and other partner dances for 16+ years in many areas of the U.S. including Florida, DC, NYC, Seattle, Portland, California. She's danced live on the Fox and ABC Networks, and has been invited to teach in Europe (Amsterdam, Oslo). Besides Blues she teaches Cuban Salsa, Waltz, Zydeco and Bachata. She learned Polka at age three and has been dancing ever since. - Erin cannot help her passion for dance from gushing out onto the teaching floor. She has a gift for inspiring her students into flow, teaching with ease, and bringing out the joy of dancing together. Erin uses her background in Movement Therapy to explain to her students how to get the styling and movement out of their bodies and onto the dance floor. She teaches with great insight, respect, and just the right blend of sensitivity and provocation. The dance studio has an excellent sprung maplewood dance floor and 15' ceiling. Workshop $25. $35 with the Blues Dance Party that night. We encourage you to register in advance for the workshop as space is limited and we are maintaining lead/follow balance. You can register in advance at Saturday Night Swing February 16 and 23. Swing Toronto facebook events: http://www.facebook.com/groups/157279846382/events/ Swing Toronto website: www.odd-socks.org