180 (miles for) DEGREES

Organized By Sebastian Moss

Location: Manchester to London

Manchester to London (51.512440, 0.028855)


On the 23rd of September Seb and Ash are running from Manchester to London over 7 days in order to support The Natalie Kate Moss Trust. The 180 mile route between Manchester and London will mean completing a marathon everyday for a week. They are running in memory of Seb's sister, Natalie, who sadly died in December last year after a brain haemorrhage. In memory of Natalie, the Moss family have set up The Natalie Kate Moss Trust which will offer support to individuals who have suffered a brain trauma or severe injury, and help fund them through a degree at Manchester University. The Trust assists with the additional costs which are incurred due to the individuals condition, such as transportation, note taking and accommodation. It is hoped that the funding will be able to assist students who would not otherwise been able to experience Univeristy and the benefits it brings. Various levels of training have been completed for the last 6 months and the big event is drawing closer. Without sounding too much like Don King, this is going to be an incredible challenge for both of us. As we build up to the big week, you can follow us on the 180 Degrees facebook page. You can keep an eye on our training "progress", sponsorship news and watch how nervous we become as the weeks go by!