Music in St. James Park: hobson's choice

Organized By Old Town Toronto

Location: St. James Park

King and Jarvis,Toronto (43.650734, -79.373045)


Join us for a free concert in St. James Park (King St E and Church St) by hobson's choice and a free corn roast by the St Lawrence Market! hobson's choice is a Toronto-based, contemporary chamber jazz group that draws on a wide range of influences. Blending the improvisation in jazz with an unconventional instrumentation and approach to songwriting, it stands on its own. With the line-up of vibraphone, trumpet, voice and acoustic guitar, this quartet creates songs rich in their words and melody, and in their colour and architecture. Some songs have words, some are instrumental. Paying homage to artists like Joni Mitchell and Bruce Cockburn, hobson’s choice has built upon this Canadian songwriter foundation and extended it through their unique instrumentation and fresh approach to song form. Join us before the concert for a free corn roast by our primary sponsors the St. Lawrence Market. Show Gopher listenable listing:!Toronto/2013-08-01/StJamesPark