Jazz-Design - Anne Römer

Organized By Most-Art Centre

Location: Most-Art Centre

86 Stoke Newington High Street,London (51.559546, -0.074313)


Jazz-Design - Anne Römer is coming to London bringing her music and her Up-Cycling Sculptures to the stage at the MostArt Centre in Stoke Newington. The minimal arrangements and compositions for piano and vocals are fragile yet powerful. Melancholia mixes with wonderfully strange tones, while the reduced mixed backing features an ethereal voice embedded with warmth. Music to be dreamed, breathed and remembered. The artist and musician who currently lives near Hamburg, Germany started her art project Jazz-Design connecting the two passions in her life: sofa-concerts and sustainability. Whether in performance or exhibition, Anne's music and sculptures travel with her and are all part of the show. Anne Römer has been performing in Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt and is now coming to the UK for her crowd-funding tour. www.jazz-design.de DOORS OPEN: 7pm ENTRY: £8