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Jane Jacobs Walk

Event in New York

45 N 5th Avenue (5th Ave just north of Congress)


Organized by : Living Streets Alliance

We aim to empower citizens, staff, developers and public officials to improve the livability of our public rights of way and street network to be more connective and convenient for walking and cycling, while simultaneously utilizing roadway improvement as a means of enhancing the urban environmen...

Activities New York / Description

LSA is partnering with Lynndsay O’Neill, an intern with Jane Jacobs Walk, to host the very first Jane Jacobs Walk here in Tucson!

A Jane Jacobs Walk is a free neighborhood walking, biking, and/or transit tour that celebrates and investigates the people and places that make a city great. This event will be an opportunity to engage in a lively discussion about streetscapes that promote walkability, meet new people, and celebrate urban l... Read more

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