ISC Presentation Party - SPAIN, ITALY, GREECE

Organized By Lenka Cita

Location: P.M. Club & Cocktail bar

Trojická 10,Prague (50.070688, 14.415785)


Enjoying that taste of summer already? Really don’t feel like going to school and just want to put your feet up in the afternoons…maybe relaxing by the pools? Then this Wednesday we have the perfect scenario for you!!! How better to end a lazy day NOT spent in school then ISC’s SOUTHERN TEMPERAMENT PARTY of SPAIN, ITALY, and GREECE??!!? Food: 9pm Presentations: 10pm This is the LAST Presentation Party of the semester and surely one you cannot miss! However, dont forget to VOTE one last time for the BEST presentation of the night, and send a happy group of winners home with a prize. J So come on out and join ISC, but dont forget a friend or three!