BCD - Beer, Chicken and Donut

Organized By Judge Bao


The Pie Piper (-36.857635, 174.757456)


· · · EVENT DETAILS · · · Two weeks only! Friday to Sunday, September 8th to 17th Friday & Saturday 11AM - 9PM (Lovebucket opens from 4PM) Sunday 11AM - 8PM (Lovebucket closed) It has been two years since Judge Bao and The Pie Piper teamed up and took over K'Road icon Coco's Cantina back in 2015, when the Coco's crew went on a team vacation to Italy. Our Viva La Revolution pop-up with a Chinese and American fusion menu was a bit quirky, adventurous and loads of fun! To celebrate our food family bond and friendship, we're stoked to present the two-year reunion pop-up, "Beer, Chicken and Donut", or BCD in short, on K'Road for old time's sake, only this time to be held at The Pie Piper's HQ. Joining our reunion is fellow K'Road neighbour, Lovebucketbar, who will be taking care of the beer necessities on the Fridays and Saturdays (not Sundays). The name says it all - it's about our love for deep fried chicken and donuts, washed down with thirst-quenching tap beers. Get your Chinese and American fusion fried chicken and donut fix at The Pie Piper and Doornuts, 321 K'Road. And on Fridays and Saturdays, swing by Lovebucket Bar at the K'Road Food Workshop to enjoy your fried chicken with a drink or two.