Leighton Parnham Memorial Soccer Game

Organized By John Nowak

Location: Memorial Field

2364 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506 (42.948907, -85.613058)


In memory of Leighton, and one of his favorite hobbies, we thought it would be fun for friends and family to come together and play the sport that Leighton loved so much. This will not be extremely competitive, but rather a time to spend with everyone who knew and loved Leighton. EVERYONE is invited. Whether you knew him or not, whether you're young or old, athletic or gumpy. This is a time to remember a wonderful young man. Please spread the word as it is fairly last minute. Feel free to bring your own soccer balls! After the game, if people desire, we can sit in the stands, and take turns telling favorite memories or qualities of our dear friend. Let's celebrate life and have some fun!!