UNVEIL (Final Show) with AYS & DEADVERSE

Organized By Gaswerk

Location: Gaswerk

Untere Schöntalstrasse 21, 8406 Töss (47.494474, 8.707857)


Unveil spielen ihr letztes Konzert. Zusammen mit AYS aus Deutschland und Deadverse aus Schaffhausen verabschieden sie sich nach 4 Jahren aktiver Bandgeschichte. UNVEIL: https://www.facebook.com/xunveilx AYS: https://www.facebook.com/SoulWrecked DEADVERSE: https://www.facebook.com/gonnaneedabiggerboat?ref=ts Foyer, 12 Franken Türöffnung: 20.30h Konzertbeginn: ca. 21.00h --------------------------------- Break up announcement: After almost 4 years and more than a hundred shows played, we are announcing the break up of the band. As many of you have probably heard already, our bassist Thomas has left the band a couple of months ago. We spent many hours discussing how and if we want to proceed with the band and after all, we decided to call it a day. This band was not just about the songs we wrote and the music we played. There was something special about being 4 close highschool friends who came this far together. Replacing Thomas just wouldn’t feel right. It makes us really sad to quit at this point, such a short time after releasing our first album. We want to apologize to the awesome labels who invested time and money in us, but the decision has been made. We will play our last summer tour with Run With The Hunted and a last show in Switzerland afterwards. We want to thank every single person who supported this band, listened to our records, came to the shows. We had some of the best experiences of our lives and met some really great people. Thank you. love Unveil