CrossFit Shift's 2017 Team Novembrawl

Organized By CrossFit Shift


CrossFit Shift (42.688606, -84.642898)


This is a beginner/scaled only team competition. Each team will consist of either 3 woman or 3 men. If you are wondering if you qualify for this event please contact us. There will be 3 events for every team and a 4th championship WOD. Every member of every team will participate in all events. Movements and movement standards will be released 1-2 weeks prior to event. WOD's will be released day of. Every competitior will recieve a UNISEX t-shirt. Must register before October 21st to get shirt. Prizes for top 3 teams. You do not need a paper ticket. We will not be adding extra team spaces this year so sign up asap. Registration to get a shirt ends October 28th For questions please contact Daniel Miller at [email protected]