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June 2019 - Sacred Journey to Peru

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Yogafirst Middle East


Organized by : Yogafirst Middle East

"One does not become successful (in yoga) by wearing the right clothes or talking about it, through practice alone comes success. This is true without a doubt." These words were written when Columbus discovered America. Yoga has been enlightening people for thousands of years. Yoga will be here f...

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In June 2019 we will embark on a sacred journey to the 'Umbligo del Mundo' or the 'bellybutton' of the world. The Sacred Valley around Cusco, Peru is one of the most magical places on Planet Earth and our trip will infuse diverse yoga practices from Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga and Tantra taught by Peewee Sanchez of Yogafirst and Jo from Return to the Self to harness this energy for spiritual development. We will explore both famous monuments s... Read more

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