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Definitely Mightbe // Holmfirth

Event in Holmfirth

The Picturedrome, Holmfirth


Organized by : The Gig Cartel

The Gig Cartel are pleased to announce a record year despite a global downturn and increasing competition.

We attribute this to the quality acts and the professionalism of the business partners and venues that its been our pleasure to work with throughout 2011

Activities Holmfirth / Description

"Drummer sacked!". "Liam leaves America tour early". "Noel retires from overseas touring". Etc etc. If it wasn’t a British rock band you’d think it was an episode from an American soap opera. But the story of a British rock band it is as the rollercoaster ride of "Oasis" continues and where will it end? Nobody knows but in their wake of bust ups and sibling rivalry they’ll leave behind some great music. Thankfully "Definitely Maybe" don’t s... Read more

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