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One Crime, Two Punishments: Dual Legal Systems in the OPT

Event in Johannesburg

51 Greenfield Road, Greenside,Johannesburg


Organized by : Media Review Network - South Africa

Media Review Network is a Johannesburg-based organisation dedicated to exposing Zionist Apartheid and the occupation of Palestine. Find us on Twitter: @MRN1SA

Activities Johannesburg / Description

What happens if two children in the occupied West Bank get into a fight and are arrested? One is from the Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba and the other a Palestinian from Hebron. Are they subjected to the same legal systems? Through the use of music, short videos, as well as resources from Israeli NGO's, and loads of audience interaction, author and researcher, Suraya Dadoo will unpack the use of dual legal systems by the Apartheid regim... Read more

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