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Asana Mythology Yatra to Ladakh this AUG 24-30, 2018

Event in Petaling Jaya

Manasa Yoga


Organized by : Manasa Yoga

The training for the development of this awareness starts with the gross, objective phenomena such as the foot, knee, spine, inhalations, exhalations, etc, through the tools of asana, taught with specific alignment instructions based on anatomical insights, as well as pranayama. This brings about...

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Join us as we embark onto a journey into the mythology of asanas in Manasa’s upcoming yatra to Ladakh this August with Manoj Kaimal.

You may have heard of asana names such as Virabhadrasana, Bakasana, Natarajasana, Vasisthasana and Ashtavakrasana but do you know the mythology behind these names? At this yoga retreat, set in a luxurious river-fronting hotel with a picturesque mountain backdrop in the outskirts of Leh, Manoj will expose... Read more

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