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20th Annual Freeze Your Balls Off Scooter Rally

Event in Durham

Durham, North Carolina, États-Unis


Organized by : Incriminators Scooter Club

The Incriminators Scooter Club is dedicated to keeping vintage and classic geared scooters on the roads. The club formed about 1995, and although many of the original members have moved on, the club continues with a strong membership that participates in the vintage scooter community.

Activities Durham / Description

How have we managed to do this for two decades? We're not sure, but after the shit show in 2018, we're full steam ahead to a real deal, big ass, round number anniversary rally with all the fixings - go big or go home, and if we go up in flames like a Viking funeral, we'll at least die doing what we love...details closer to the event!

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Report this event