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Human Resources


Organized by : Human Resources

Human Resources is a team of creative individuals which seeks to broaden engagement with contemporary and conceptual art, with an emphasis on performative and underexposed modes of expression.

Human Resources is entirely volunteer run and seeks to foster widespread public appreciation of the perf...

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An unconventional group show that revolves around works of art by local and international artists who use humor to explore serious social and political issues. That said, none of the artworks will be present. Participating artists include: Anna Ayeroff, Amitis Motevalli, Arden Surdam, Claire Titelman, Emmy Bright, Eva Medin, Hazel Haendel, Kristina Wong, Marisa Williamson, mothertongues (Meital Yaniv & Kim Ye), Olivia Mole, Roxy Farhat & Zh... Read more

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