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Winter Solstice Bonfire

Event in Uniontown

Harmony Springs Christian Church


Organized by : Harmony Springs Christian Church

A few years ago we started envisioning what a new beginning might look like. At the end of 2012 we made a move from downtown Akron where we were known as High Street Christian Church to relocate to Green (southern Summit County) and changed our name to Harmony Springs Christian Church. We purchas...

Activities Uniontown / Description

"Eat, Drink, set off a Chinese lantern and be Merry!"

(We're pretty sure that's a direct quote).

Winter & the holidays can be hard. We often miss people we love. As winter draws closer we often experience seasonal depression. The daylight gets shorter and we struggle to find light in the darkness. We need more than just lighting a candle during a church service- we need more than comfort.

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