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Geysers, waterfalls, RVs. Iceland 28 APR - 5 MAY.

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Iceland Reykjavik


Organized by : Fleetit - sail, travel, relax.

If you ask yourself "what is at my core, what is it that I am?" And the answer sounds something like:

- I am freedom.

- I am the experience.

- I am part of this world.

AND you happen to be in love with the sea, yachts, and sails?

Activities Reykjavík / Description

Hello friends,

One day I have asked myself, what if there is another way to travel? What if we can go somewhere not by the yacht, but using some other mechanism.

You know how it goes. Once you asked, you get the answer, there is no way back. Now we are going to Iceland. We will be using yachts. Land yachts. Some people call them RVs!

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