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Շարիս Կարապետյան. անհատական ցուցահանդես՝ "Դռներ" / Sharis Garabedian: solo exhibition "Doors"

Event in Yerevan

Dalan Art Gallery, 12 Abovyan street,Yerevan


Organized by : Dalan Art Gallery

Founded in 2011 “Dalan “ Gallery aims at introducing and representing

Post –Soviet and Post Independence period 26 contemporary artists

based in Armenia to private collectors,Galleries and Museums

throughout the world,as well as organizing curated solo and group

Activities Yerevan / Description

Doors are alive, they are always in motion and with an energy all their own.

Openings, mystery, opportunity - closings and endings.

I have always had an unending fascination with doors, and in my psyche they symbolize

sequences of events in our lives.

My images are representations of these doors having weathered the highs and lows of

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