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Rob Renner Teaching at the YEO DOJO Part 1

Event in London

10 Haldane Road,London


Organized by : Bujinkan YEO DOJO

The Yeo dojo sets out to improve an individuals confidence in all situations through the mastery of ones body. This is on a physical and then a spiritual level.

Through the Bujinkan system you will learn efficient standup techniques with both weapons and un-armed. This style is over 1000 years ol...

Activities London / Description

Once again Japan resident instructor has requested he would like to teach at the Yeo Dojo. As you may know, Rob lives in Japan and trains weekly with Hatsumi Soke and the main Shihan. His information is now second to none and will teach you how to use your technique correctly against a resisting opponent. This is not the same as doing multiple techniques on a person with there arm held out, or moving twice as fast as your slow moving uke. I... Read more

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