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The Ties that Bind - An Empire player event

Event in Rednal

Bilbery Hill Center


Organized by : Broken Dreams larp

Our current game "Forsaken" is set in a modern mid-apocalypse United Kingdom with players taking on the role of everyday people trying to survive against an endless tide of Biblical style horror.

In addition to Forsaken we are also developing several other games for release as and when they are...

Activities Rednal / Description

House Ossienne invite all of the Houses of Dawn and friends from other nations to celebrate the Virtue of the Yeofolk of Dawn. Every year, House Ossienne travel to their smallholdings on the banks of the Semmerlak, to celebrate the Courage, Loyalty and Prosperity of the yeofolk who serve their house – but in honour of their new Enchantress, they would like to invite all of Dawn and the Empire to share in their celebration.

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