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Inspire YOGA Retreat 2019

Event in San Juan del Sur

Costa Dulce


Organized by : Asami Yoga

About me: Asami Yoga

Yoga stumbled into Asami’s life when darkness had taken over her smile, and offered her refuge. After a regular period of practice, she quickly realized her love for Yoga. The practice helped Asami look deep inside of herself, face difficult challenges in her life, and made h...

Activities San Juan del Sur / Description

Inspire Yoga Retreat

NICARAGUA / FEBRUARY 23rd - March 2nd 2019

Daily practice gazing at the Pacific Ocean. Just steps away from the beach, Costa Dulce is located in a tropical dry forest shared with monkeys, sloths, turtles, lizards and more. It is your time to unwind and unplug yourself from your daily life. Give yourself a inspiring treat to deepen your Yoga practice, but most importantly, open your heart and relax!

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