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'The Calling' 1 day Course

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Al Fitrah


Organized by : Al Fitrah

What is the Fitrah?

When a child is born it has with it a natural belief in God. This natural belief is called in Arabic the “Fitrah”.[1] If the child were left alone it would grow up aware of God in His oneness, but all children are affected by the pressures of their environment whether directly...

Activities Bushey / Description

Da'wah and the act of inviting to Islam is an obligatory tenant of faith, enjoined upon all who ascribe to Islam as the truth. However, as with all disciplines, Da'wah is one that needs to be mastered for it to have any effect. This course aims to equip the student with everything they'll need to venture into the world and present Islam and belief in Allah to others, in a compelling and appealing manner. Drawing from examples old, prophetic... Read more

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