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Astronomical Anniversaries 2017

Event in Yatala Vale

Adelaide Planetarium - UniSA Mawson Lakes


Organized by : Adelaide Planetarium Supernovas

The Supernovas are based at the Adelaide Planetarium and are a science interest group with a focus on astronomy

Activities Yatala Vale / Description

Steven Raine

Astronomical Society of South Australia & Supernovas

Abstract: From NEAR waltzing by Mathilde and the first rocket launch at Woomera; to the discovery of the wind-stripped cores of supermassive stars, from the magnificence of McNaught’s comet and the publication of Newton’s 'Principia', from new worlds like those of Gliese 581, to the eponymous Dawn spaceprobe’s lift-off; 2017 marks a lot of decadal astronomical and... Read more

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