Digital Medical Therapeutics: Exploring the power of video games and apps to transform disease treatment, health maintenance, and clinical training

Organized By U of U Entertainment Arts and Engineering

Location: Eccles Auditorium, Huntsman Cancer Institute

Eccles Auditorium, Huntsman Cancer Institute (41.213930, -102.973542)


Enjoy 15-minute TED-style talks on how technology will help shape the future of health care: »» Medical games and apps »» Therapeutic gaming »» Gaming ethics »» Scientific principles of game & mobile app development »» Center for Medical Innovation: Collaborative Partnerships »» Electronic Arts & Engineering: Programs & Capabilities »» Protecting Intellectual Property »» Confidential Disclosure Agreements »» Faculty-shared copyrights »» Designing for the market »» Sustainable business models »» Application of behavior change This event is hosted by the University of Utah Health Sciences Center For Medical Innovation. In partnership with University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts & Engineering program.