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PeaceTech and the Syrian Conflict: What Canadians Are Doing

Evénement à Gatineau

120 Metcalfe St.,Ottawa


Organisé par : The SecDev Foundation

The SecDev Foundation is a Canadian-based think-do tank that works at the cross-roads of security and development – because you can’t have one without the other.

We work with local stakeholders in countries and regions affected by conflict, insecurity and fragility in the Middle East, Latin Ameri...

Activités Gatineau / Description

The conflict in Syria has been fought on, and through, the internet. Since 2012, SalamaTech has helped hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians to stay safe online. Run by Canadians, SalamaTech is the only digital safety programme that delivers emergency assistance and on-the-ground protection to Syrians trapped by the conflict. We have seen how digital safety saves lives in Syria. Our Be Heard training helps authentic Syrian Voices of Res... Lire la suite

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