6x6: Fortune Multi-Media Mini-Con

Organized By Mystery House Comics


El Korah Shriners (43.618870, -116.206950)


This First Thursday event unveils the stories featured in the comic book anthology 6x6: Fortune as multi-media presentations. All ages may attend and an open bar is available for 21+. Treasure Valley writers and artists work together throughout the year on their contributions in the 6x6 Anthology and this event is to showcase and celebrate the stories they created. 6x6: Fortune, a themed comic book anthology, features the talents of the following Treasure Valley writers and artists. Each of them will be attending the event Steve Willhite, Barry Barnes, Matthew Dominick, Cheryl Morris, Adozinda, Tarey Potter, Matthew Vorhies, Nathan Viebell, Jake Scholl, Arik Grant, Dan Feldmeier, and Hanna Paulson look forward to sharing their work. Each contributor will be selling their wares, meeting people, celebrating thier success and they'd like to share it with you. Local publisher Mystery House Comics and hosts El Korah Shiners provide charitable contributions to St. Luke's Children's Hospital from the event.